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Home Warranty:  Successfully drafted and lobbied enabling legislation allowing homeowners and builders to resolve warranty issues prior to litigation.

Notice and Opportunity to Repair:  Legislation allowing a builder the opportunity to fix an “alleged damage” under a home warranty claim in new and remodeled construction projects.  Prior to this legislation, a homeowner could have made a claim against a builder but denied the builder the opportunity to inspect and fix an “alleged damage.”

Window Fall Protection:  Built a coalition with window manufacturers preventing the passage of legislation ensuring that single-family and multi-family housing would not be required to install specific window screens to prevent falls.  


Environment Rulemaking Evaluation: Drafted and lobbied legislation to evaluate and eliminate duplicative and redundant water-related rules.  Secured $75,000 in funding for the evaluation.

Minimal Impact Design: Drafted and moved legislation with a coalition made up of the League of Minnesota Cities, the Pollution Control Agency and various local government entities to assist the development community in low impact design standards.  Secured $500,000 in funding to create and establish the program.

Weatherization:  Secured $131.9 million for Low-income Weatherization Assistance Programs.  The funding was used to weatherize low-income housing for qualified recipients.

Wetlands: Successfully lobbied against wetlands legislation extending the time frame for any agency to deny a permit.  


Chiropractor Language: On behalf of the Minnesota Dietetics Association, lobbied to amend language allowing Chiropractors to make prescriptive dietary recommendations to patients.  Objections to the language led to the bill being laid over for further consideration.

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